Opinions of customers

Opinions of customers

AGADOS, spol. s r. o., Jana Cerkalová, Sales Department

"... I evaluate the cooperation with GEMCO very much:

  • we appreciate the flexibility with which our „acute“ user issues are addressed,
  • a positive approach to our individual requirements and constantly developing and improving the IS to simplify user work,
  • developing and expanding the information system in connection with the expansion of our processes (e.g. development of the printing of Technical Cards and their connection with the Ministry of Transport) ..."

EUROWAGON, s.r.o., Karel Šikula, CEO

... thanks to myGEM we are able to calculate our final product within a few moments. The system is modified and continues to be developed according to the requirements of our company ...“

ORLÍKKOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo, Pavel Kuběnka, IT manager

„... software solution myGEM is used for various processes, it covers business, production of compressors and plastics... Customer processes are integrated with economic and controlling modules... Belong solution is support of product development… We have been satisfied with the product and the provided services in long term ...“

Information system fully covers the requirements of our customer processes including special functions.

MESIT asd, s.r.o., Ing. Jiří Krča, External Collaborator

„... the most important criterion for the selection of the system was the high functionality in the development and manufacture of special electronics together with the demonstrable capabilities of the supplier company to successfully implement the system and provide after-sales service ...“

Kovovýroba HOFFMANN s.r.o., Mgr. Marek Hoffmann, CEO

"... the information system myGEM solves the processing of offers, the relationship with the customer and the record, planning and evaluation of orders. It allows to the trader to manage the changes according to additional customer requirements and to monitor their progress … myGEM solves the course of the order and the system of changes including the interconnection with PDM SmarTeam and CATIA. We have chosen this supplier based on good experiences from the area of the management of commerce and production, flexible response at solution of specific requirements and knowledge of our processes ..."

REKUPER SYCHROV, s.r.o., Marcela Mohelská, Economist

"... the information system myGEM fully meets the needs of our company. It is the solution for all our business comprehensively – from entering orders through production management to invoicing and accounting. It is exactly adjusted to the conditions of our company, which are very specific. An integral part is also the support and good communication with the staff of contractor, during which solve any problems which encountered and the requirements arising from the manufacturing process or accounting ..."


CompanyBranch focusField of activityCase study
AEK s.r.o.Sale and servicing of welding technologyMachinery industry
AGADOS, spol. s r.o.Production of caravans and cartsAutomotive industry Implementation
AGADOS Slovakia, s.r.o.
Production of caravans and cartsAutomotive industry
Agro Sychrov, a.s.Sale and servicing of agricultural equipmentMachinery industry
ARGOS - PF, s.r.o.Production and repairs of agricultural machineryMachinery industry
BUŠ a BUŠ s.r.o.Production of trailers and semi-trailers of ironMachinery industry
CEMLOG-Cement-Logistika k.s.Transport companyTransport, forwarding Implementation
CentroTEC, s.r.o.Machining for aircraft industryAircraft industry
Český Inter Control CZ,
k. s.
Manufacture and assembly of electronic partsElectrotechnical industry
DFK Cab, s.r.o.Production of cabs for forklift trucksMachinery industry
EUROWAGON, s.r.o.Production of mobile containersMachinery industryImplementation
EVEKTOR, spol. s r.o.
Development and construction workAircraft industry
Production, sales and service of light sport aircraft and certified general aviation aircraftAircraft industry
FORMIKA, s.r.o.Production of plastic partsMachinery industry
CHAS - MT s.r.o.Production of metal parts and injection molds for plasticsMachinery industry
Chemis engine, a.s.Sale and distribution of fuelsOther
Industrial Engineering s.r.o.Machinery production and tradeMachinery industry
INTERNOVA - CZ GmbH, spol. s r.o.Seller of tools and supporting chemical agentsOther
KBS Hranice s.r.o.Road motor transport and the implementation of services provided by special mechanismsTransport, forwarding
Kovap, v.d.Production of mechanical tin toysOther
KOVOVÝROBA HOFFMANN, s.r.o.Production of prototypes, parts and tools for automakersAutomotive industry Implementation
Kühtreiber, s.r.o.Production of welding aggregatesMachinery industry Implementation
MESIT asd, s.r.o.
Production for the arms industryMilitary industry Implementation
MION KOVO s.r.o.Locksmithery, toolmaking, machiningMachinery industry
MWG, s.r.o.Production of metal furnitureWood industry, production of windows and doors
Němeček - Elektromontáž, a.s.Electrical assembling worksElectrotechnical industry
OMOS, s.r.o.Repairs and modernization of machine tools, production of molds for plastic injectionMachinery industry
ORLÍK-KOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo
Manufacture of piston and screw compressorsMachinery industry Implementation
Presplast, s.r.o.Production of plastic partsMachinery industry
REKUPER SYCHROV, s.r.o.Production, projection and installation of ventilation units with heat recovery for hall buildings; metal processingMachinery industry
Sigmet spol. s r.o.Supplier of industrial pumps, pumping stations, piping connection system, electric motors, transmissions, ...Machinery industry
SIROŇ plus, s.r.o.Insulation of apartment buildings, family houses and reconstruction of buildingsBuilding industry
TECMOS spol. s r.o.Technical calcultion in mechanical engineerigng with an emphasis on strength calculationsAircraft industry
TPMO s.r.o.Heat treatment and impregnation of aluminum and aluminum alloys and aluminum alloy tradeOther
VESNA INTERIORS, s.r.o.Furniture productionWood industry, production of windows and doors
WELCO spol. s r.o.Distributor of additional welding materialsOther Implementation
Zelinger plast s.r.o.Production of small and medium sized plastic moldingsMachinery industryImplementation

and many others ...