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myGEM implementation – MESIT

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MESIT asd, s.r.o. is a company that develops and manufactures highly reliable products for major government institutions such as the military and the police, as well as for business organizations in the aviation industry and services. Nowadays MESIT defence offers a complete range of premium products for voice and data communication, GPS satellite navigation, precise time and frequency generators and speciaized electronics for the aerospace industry. DICOM products are developed by their own development department and in collaboration with leading world-class companies. DICOM products are characterized by high quality, reliability and durability, and are successfully used in more than 20 countries around the world. MESIT asd´s main strengths include a thorough knowledge of systems that enables them to offer a complete range of products and services for demanding customers.

Default status:

Before deploying the new myGEM information system, all customer processes were not covered in the organization.

Implementation goals:


  • transparent management of all the various implementation processes, i.e. production and development of top products for voice and data communications, GPS satellite navigation, time and frequency generators and specialized electronics for the aerospace industry,
  • integration with economic modules and reporting for the parent holding,
  • interconnection of service of a finished products and applying a workflow for critical locations in processes,
  • increasing labor productivity, database quality and monitoring with the use of bar code in implementation processes.

myGEM solution:

The myGEM system has been implemented to manage the implementation processes in the company. The following modules are used: CRM, Logistics – Sales, Logistics – Purchasing, Technical preparation of the production (including change service), Production planning and management, Records of the production, Bookkeeping and Property.

Schedule of work:

Diagnosis of processes requirements, solution design, implementation and training, processing the procedures for individual processes (duration of 6 months).

Number of users:

Approximately 50 active users: development staff, designers, technicians, traders, warehousemen, production manager, production records, quality control staff, invoicing, accountant.


  • covering all implementation processes with a complex system
  • improving the quality of the data base as the basis for more detailed planning
  • tool for significantly expanding processes, especially in the production area
  • quick training of new users according to established procedures
  • improving customer support for sales and service
  • high operational reliability and security of stored data
  • supporting the latest technologies and trends
  • property protection of the company by an integrated solution


Ing. Jiří Krča, External Collaborator

„...the most important criterion for the selection of the system was the high functionality in the development and manufacture of special electronics together with the demonstrable capabilities of the supplier company to successfully implement the system and provide after-sales service ...“

Customer profile

MESIT defence, s.r.o.
Sokolovská 573, Mařatice
686 01 Uherské Hradiště
The Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 572 522 603

MESIT defence, s.r.o. was renamed on 1 January, 2016 as part of the unification of the corporate identity of all MESIT companies. By the end of 2015 the company was active in the market under the name DICOM. It was a subsidiary of the joint stock company MESIT holding founded in 1993 on the structure of the original company that has been involved in the development and production of onboard air electronics since 1953. DICOM has been continued to this successful 50 year development and manufacture of electronics for special use as an independent company since 1993. And in the same year the DICOM brand appeared on products designed for military and aviation.