Implementation process usually consists of several following steps and to the particular project is prepared the specific schedule.
Typical steps and milestones of ERP solution:


Good understanding of the company environment and to identify the areas requiring an improvement:
– establishment of customer team
– team leader and the persons responsible for solutions in individual areas
– detailed collection of information about:

  • Processes
  • Customs
  • Print Outputs
  • Specific requirements
  • Other systems necessary for integration

Methods: local investigation, data samples, samples of real documents, the ideological proposals of requirements.

Solution design

Development of the defined requirements as submission for consultants and programmers according to the customer requirements and expectations, form of.

  • Parametrization
  • Special changes (integration, new functionality, changes, …)
  • Conversion of data base

Determination of conditions for changes, especially in the main process (standard, rapid change, …)..
Methods: workshops, discussion with the key users and the entire team.

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Preparation of a software solution

Include specific requirements in the software:

  • Completion of special requirements according to the proposal draft of a solution
  • Testing and inspection
  • Analysis of the data base

Methods: analytical, programming and control work.

Implementation and training

Assure mastering the familiarization with the tool for the main process including specific requirements:

  • The experienced consultants will explain the complex system by single parts and the whole course of the contract
  • Training of the management, administrator, users, etc. effectively leads to the understanding and the familiarization with the tool for the management of the main process and economic modules
  • They set and check the data base level together with you
  • Setting up operation of the whole system
  • Releasing the system into routine operation

Methods: detailed plan of implementation, training.

Operation and Maintenance

Ensure the stable operation and development of the system:

  • Determination of modalities for supplier in relation to client requirements

Ensuring stable operation – helpdesk:

  • hot-line
  • 7x24 mode, or other
  • development of the system (update, upgrade)
  • the ability to run a system like SaaS (on Demand)

Client´s support in dealing with extreme situations. Compliance with the legislation of the state where the IS is operated.
Monitoring of the client´s needs and the process changes to assure that the setting of software tools (parameterization, etc.) will improve the efficiency of processes.