Mature software solution myGEM

Validated instrument to manage specific business processes of production and business, which is currently used as the main enterprise information system in more than a hundred Czech and Slovak companies and institutions. Software solution myGEM covers all the key activities of the company (sales, production, service,…), including the economy, controlling, and integration with web portals and thus the complex more procedural solution. Solution supports manager models Balanced ScoreCard (BSC), the principles of „Lean Production“ and „Theory of Constraints“ (TOC).

System myGEM has been here for you more than 20 years

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Information system myGEM is a modular system developed with using ORACLE tools. These standard technologies enable the independence of the system platform. The system is currently available on the client/server technology, according to customer requirements we are able to run on a remote server through a terminal and a web client. To communicate with your customers it is possible to use EDI standards.

The system is maximum parameterized and system administrators have the ability to modify some system settings. The development environment is also available to end-customers mainly for self-development system (reports, exports, … new modules).



Schema myGEM

Case studies

Solution were applied in the following areas:

ERP myGEM provides specialized solutions for various business sectors. Thanks to specialized agendas such as: transport, service, retail, etc. our customers are companies specialized in providing services of various types, whether medium sized business or entrepreneurs keeping tax records, in particular:

Automotive industry production of caravans and trucks, production tools, prototyping, production of plastic parts
Transport spedition
Wood and furniture industry production of furniture, production sports equipment and metal furniture, production and restoration of wooden furniture
Electrotechnical industry production of equipment, production of lighting, production of radar
Chemical industryproduction of cosmetics
Aircraft and aerospace industr development and production of aircraft
Food industry production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic baverages, canning products
Machinery and steel industry production of machinery and equipment, production of welded pipes and profiles, production equipment, production and reinforcement of consumer goods, manufacturing reciprocating and screw compressors, engineering development
Military industry production of radio stations, generators, telephone and on-board electronics, production of engineering components for the army