Quality of our work

Quality of our work

Development and quality of software, environment

Software development and implementation of ERP system are addressed in accordance with international standards. As a basis for stable quality and minimization of impacts on the environment is built and implemented in practice an integrated management system (IMS) based on our specific processes and requirements, ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016, ISO 20000:2011 and ITIL standards for IT service providers, ISO 14001: 2016.

Software development

Applied project management in our company guarantees that for each developed product, the design documentation, the object model, the data model, ... and other necessary documentation are processed. It is ensured management of software life cycle, sub-tasks including priorities and records of testing. Complex change service and traceability (versioning of libraries, source codes, stored procedures, scripts, ...) are ensured during the processing of requirements.

Software quality and testing

Our company optimizes long-term development of the information system according to industry standards in the area of verification, validation and software testing. We are based on the standard IEEE 829-2008 (Standard for Software and System Test Documentation), when creating the documentation of testing.

For each system change, test plans are established that use the following tests:

  • Task test – software component tests performed separately
  • Integration and system tests – tests of aggregations of components and whole system
  • Regression tests – software testing after changes to verify that the system has not been disrupted
  • Automated testing – the TOAD CodeTester tool is standardized into the testing process and is primarily used to test critical tasks

As part of the acceptance of the work at the client, the following tests are ensured:

  • Qualification tests – testing the finished product before delivery to confirm when the software already meets the requirements. Qualifying tests typically include tuning software performance on large data.
  • Acceptance tests – completed software tests to confirm that the software meets the acceptance criteria

From the point of view of the implementation management, an own methodology is used which, on the basis of the identification of processes and requirements, develops further procedures for the quick adoption of the new solution. In practice, these are detailed process sheets, graphic instructions and descriptions of the functions, according these is employee training carried out. In addition, milestones of the project (action plan) are set, and their fulfillment, changes to the final acceptance of the realized software work are monitored.

A helpdesk service is set up for stable application operation at clients to provide telephone, electronic or other communications with customers to solve their requirements.


Each customer is registered as a separate project with defined stages of the solution and a schedule for each step.

Eligibility for counseling is ensured by the qualifications of consultants who are standard auditors for the designated area. A permanent system of education and maintenance of competence are ensured according to the requirements of the EOQ or IRCA schemes.

For individual systems, „Check Sheets“ are also produced to prove that the requirements have been met in the systems.

The environmental management system according to the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2016 is focused mainly on the positive development of the environmental profile, the reduction of impacts of our activities on the environment and the protection of health and safety at work. We consider these areas as an important part of corporate culture.

The quality of our work is regularly audited by an independent certification company.