Support and Service

Customer support and service

Our company provides skilled service for continuous operation 24/7 of systems at the customer for our delivered software solutions. The specialists of individual modules perform support and procedure of specific orders that are processed in process sheets as a result of implementation or further solution development. If there is need to carry out further analyses, the tasks are passed to specialists, who solve specific problem direct on the customer´s data.

In service we solve also software updating at customer, development of specific function according to the newly accrued procedural requirements, changes in the database and many other necessary tasks.

Care is given to maintenance and database configuration. Information system is characterized by minimal demands on system resources thanks to mastering Oracle Database Performance Tuning and Oracle Best Practices implementation. At large projects there is the control – is periodically performed with using specialized monitoring tools.

We supervise the quality of our solutions also by its everyday use.

An example might be the CRM module that is used to communicate with our clients and to monitor the complete progress of individual requiremets. Thus we are able to fully understand customer specifics.

Deliveries of the myGEM system

Our company places its software products on the market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The quality of products is covered by the quality system, records according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and by reports of independent auditing companies, which are carried out at regular intervals. Our company is responsible for direct deliveries to the final customer and for the software works made by us.

The partners and the consultants participate in project preparation, creation of assignment, coordination, implementation and handover of the work to the customer, or further support.