myGEM implementation - AGADOS

myGEM implementation - AGADOS

AGADOS, spol. s r. o.


AGADOS, spol. s r.o. is currently one of the largest European trailer manufacturers and leading manufacturer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company has introduced a quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 for the scope of Trailer Design, Production and Service. According to the company's slogan "…with AGADOS trailers into the future…" the company strategy is to satisfy as many customers as possible and therefore they can choose trailers from the wide range of the manufactured braked and unbraked types of various use, dimensions, used material and accessories. The company priority is to manufacture trailers that would serve to customers for long time and therefore AGADOS and its dealers guarantee complete service and sales of spare parts, also for the older types of trailers.

Default status:

Before deploying the new myGEM information system, all customer processes in the organization were not covered and there was no linking of the information system to the subsidiary Agados SK.

Implementation goals:


  • transparent management of all different implementation processes, i.e. sales, production and development of trailers, repairs and complete service including loading, and their integration with economic modules and controlling,
  • linking with the web portal primarily for business, ordering spare parts and providing service,
  • increasing labor productivity in implementation processes.

myGEM solution:

The myGEM system has been implemented to manage the implementation processes in the company, including the web portal. The following modules are used: Logistics Sales, Complaint Management, Service, Load, Logistics Purchase, Technical Preparation of the Production, Production Planning and Management, Records of the Production, Mobile Terminals, and PKM Module, which provides communication with accounting and controlling. Implementation and connection with Agados SK (Modra) was also carried out.

Schedule of work:

Diagnosis of processes requirements, solution design, implementation and training, processing the procedures for individual processes (duration of 6 months).

Number of users:

Approximately 100 active users: traders, designers, technologists, production managers, production records, expedition staff, invoicing, ...


  • covering all implementation processes with a complex system
  • development of special applications – Quick Product Configurator, Load, COC Sheets, and Technical Cards
  • a tool for significantly expanding processes, especially in the production area
  • quick training of new users according to established procedures
  • improve customer support in sales and service
  • high operational reliability and security of stored data
  • supporting the latest technologies and trends
  • property protection of the company by an integrated solution


Ing. Petr Ostrý, CEO

"... the information system covers the requirements of our customer processes, including special functions such as the elaboration of COC sheets and technical cards. For the needs of the business is solved the connection to the web portal which ensures the sale of products and spare parts …“

Jana Cerkalová, Sales Department

„… I evaluate the cooperation with GEMCO very much:

  • we appreciate the flexibility with which our „acute“ user issues are addressed,
  • a positive approach to our individual requirements and constantly developing and improving the IS to simplify user work,
  • developing and expanding the information system in connection with the expansion of our processes (e.g. development of the printing of Technical Cards and their connection with the Ministry of Transport) …“

Customer profile

AGADOS spol. s r.o.

Průmyslová 2081,
594 01 Velké Meziříčí
The Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 566 653 311

AGADOS spol. s r.o. boasts 120 years tradition of craft and engineering production. In the past, it focused mainly on the production of agricultural technology. Since 1992, a new history has begun to be written.
After renaming to AGADOS spol. s r.o. the company began to specialize only in the production and sale of trailers with a total weight of 750 to 3 500 kg. Due to the constant growth of production, it moved from the premises on Karlov Street to new production premises on Průmyslová street in 1.8.2006. It is now one of Europe's largest trailer manufacturers and a leading manufacturer in the Czech Republic. The subsidiary is located in Slovakia