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myGEM implementation – KÜHTREIBER

Kühtreiber, s.r.o.


Kühtreiber, s.r.o. is a Czech company which deals with the development, production and sale of welding equipment and accessories. The company has built an extensive distribution and sales network. The gradual development and expansion of the range has led to expansion into other European countries. Nowadays the company produces more than 80 types and variants of welding machines KIT, KITin and FENIX for MMA, TIG and MIG / MAG welding methods. It deals with the sale of welding torches, protective masks, spare parts, reduction valves, electrodes and other accessories. Great emphasis is placed on the quality of products and individual components. All the core components of the machines are manufactured in their own production plant in the Czech Republic, where final assembly takes place as well.

Default status:

Before deploying the new myGEM information system, all customer processes were not covered in the organization.

Implementation goals:


  • reliable management of all processes in the company, not only the production and development of quality products, but also the management of service orders and claims,
  • integration with economic modules,
  • monitoring of all processes in the company including the introduction of barcodes and mobile terminals to ensure the quality of work and customer satisfaction.

myGEM solution:

The myGEM system has been implemented to manage the implementation processes in the company. The company now uses the following modules: CRM, Logistics – Sales, Service, Complaints, Purchase, Technical preparation of the production, Production planning and management including operational planning according to human capacity, Records of the production and also Bookkeeping, Property, Intrastat.

Schedule of work:

Analysis of process requirements, installation and data conversion, design of the solution, implementation and training, processing procedures for individual processes.

Number of users:

Approximately 20 active users: development staff, designers, technicians, traders, warehousemen, production managers, production records, quality control staff, invoicing, accountant.


  • covering all implementation processes with a complex system
  • flexible tool for processes management especially production and service
  • quality improvement and more detailed planning
  • quick training of users according to established procedures and graphic manuals
  • improving customer support for sales, service and complaints
  • high operational reliability
  • supporting the latest technologies and trends
  • property protection of the company by an integrated solution

Customer profile

Kühtreiber, s.r.o.
Tyršova 293,
675 22 Stařeč
The Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 568 851 120

Kühtreiber, s.r.o. is a family company that has over ten years of experience; it was founded in 1998 and continues the long tradition of production of welding technology in Třebíč, which started in 1985. Since the beginning of its existence, it has been dealt with the development, production and sale of welding equipment including welding accessories. Thanks to its extensive networks it is able to provide fast and quality service of its products all over the Czech Republic within 48 hours.