myGEM implementation - ORLÍK

myGEM implementation – ORLÍK

ORLÍK-KOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo


The company ORLÍK-KOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo (production cooperative) is a purely Czech company involved in the development, production and sale of compressors.
It is the largest compressor producer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is an internationally recognized brand of quality. It addresses the issue of compressed air from design to complete delivery, including installation and subsequent warranty and post-warranty service to customer satisfaction. Orlík´s compressors are popular with their users especially for their high operational reliability and long life-time.

Default status:

Before deploying the new myGEM information system, all customer processes were not covered in the organization.

Implementation goals:


  • transparent management of all the various implementation processes, i.e. production and development of compressors, plastic parts, single purpose machines, repairs and service,
  • integration with economic modules and controlling,
  • linking to the web portal especially for business area, ordering spare parts and providing service,
  • increasing labor productivity and database quality by introducing barcode in realization processes.

myGEM solution:

The myGEM system has been implemented to manage the implementation processes in the company. The following modules are used: Logistics – Sales, Logistics – Purchasing, Technical preparation of the production, Production planning and management, Records of the production and Parameterisable communication module that ensures the communication with bookkeeping and controlling.

Schedule of work:

Diagnosis of processes requirements, solution design, implementation and training, processing the procedures for individual processes (duration of 6 months).

Number of users:

Approximately 50 active users: development staff, designers, technicians, traders, warehousemen, production manager, production records, expedition staff, invoicing,...


  • covering all implementation processes with a complex system
  • improving the quality of the data base as the basis for more detailed planning
  • tool for significantly expanding processes, especially in the plastic production area
  • quick training of new users according to established procedures
  • improving customer support for sales and service


Pavel Kuběnka, IT manager

„... software solution myGEM is used for various processes, it covers business, production of compressors and plastics... Customer processes are integrated with economic and controlling modules... Belong solution is support of product development... We have been satisfied with the product and the provided services in long term ...“

Customer profile

ORLÍK-KOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo
Kubelkova 497,
560 82 Česká Třebová - Parník
The Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 465 507 111

The company ORLÍK-KOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo (production cooperative) has been operating on the Czech market since 1954. In the 1990s, the company started with the development of its own screw compressors and today it can offer also higher performance compressors to their customers. In addition to producing compressors, the company offers the entire range of products related to the compressed air area (driers, filtration, accessories, pneumatic tools ...). The company's own development and technical consultancy enables to process atypical orders and air distribution in a high quality, too. New processes are also being developed in the company (plastics ...).