The CRM module collects all information about existing and potential customers – customers and suppliers, clearly on one place of the IS. This enables comprehensive customer relationship management with support for internal reporting. With a clear overview of the current status of contact with a customer, it is easy to plan new negotiations and meetings. Backups, management, records and simple data tracing and documentation are the basis for evaluating and identifying future opportunities

There is an overview and order in fulfilling business contracts, production orders and delivery controls.

Functions and features

  • Monitoring of potential customers (subscribers and suppliers)
  • Monitoring of milestones in process demand-supply tender, from demand to contract
  • Identification of potential opportunities
  • Identification of market segments and product lines
  • Monitoring of business activities
  • The system of reminders and planning of activities (meetings, ...)
  • Identification and all documentation related to a particular partner and business opportunity (minutes of meetings, offers, correspondence, ...

You will find more information in the product sheet, which will be sent to you on request.