Controlling and BI

Controlling and Business Intelligence

Planning and controlling (PaC)

The Financial Planning module is used to evaluate the possibility of a finance reserve of the company and an assessment of available resources to the maximum. It evaluates the short time and long-term divergences from plans, it allows comparison of the total calculation with the reality, resolution costs into variable and fixed, creation of covering contribution for individual products (groups of products) or perhaps even segments.

Functions and features

  • Financial planning – comparison of planned and actual conditions of cost and revenue accounts
  • Analysis of cash flow
  • View of financial flows to the future with predictions
  • Full economic evaluation of orders by economic objects
  • Analysis of performance based on market and accounting aspects
  • Calculation of user-defined economic indicators

You will find more information in the product sheet, which will be sent to you on request.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence module is designed for the needs of the executive management. Analytical and reporting tools used corporate data to analyse events that have already taken place and to predict the future. BI module supports the planning, decision making and management. Silverlight technology allows you to present data in the form of web pages, the resulting reports are available almost from anywhere. Of course there is the automatic generation and sending of reports.

Functions and features

  • Overview of state companies – global ceiling covering basic aggregates (costs, revenues, warehouse value, financial condition, ...) with the possibility of setting alerts exceeding of the values
  • Monitoring according to various criteria at the time:
    • Sales turnover
    • Contact your purchase
    • Warehouse value
    • Production
    • Management centers
    • Financial flows

You will find more information in the product sheet, which will be sent to you on request.

International accounting standards and consolidation (MUS)

In the module, there are prepared and presented the results according to International accounting standards IAS. It allows consolidation of multiple entities according to specific rules. The solution is based on EU requirements, valid legislation and requirements for consolidation.
In the processed data is stored a lot of useful information from the process and the economic part. Any additional views, analysis, presentation, development of indicators over time, users can process the data within solution of the Data warehouse.