Paperless production

Paperless production

This is the effective use of mobile devices such as tablets in production and the sharp reduction in paper documentation. Documents and myGEM functions for each role are available on the device, for example: production manager, foreman, labourer, inspector, warehouse worker, expedition worker, simple applications are built up according to the role.

The big advantage is that valid documents are available online and important records, such as release of the operation, release of the exit control, start or end of work, are recorded online.

Using this principle leads to time savings and better adaptation to changes. Applications are developed in the easiest way for users, to make them virtually instantly used.

Progressive approaches are used for solution, such as QR codes, special signing devices, all of these help to minimize paper documentation.

Safe = Product documentation in one place

In common practice happens that documents are created in more systems. It can be mentioned as an example PLM for the grafic editors CATIA, SolidWORKS. To make production work with the right data, we have developed simple communication between the various external editors and the TPV module. Each component has assigned, apart from the BOM (Bill Of Materials) or the technological procedure, also other important documents and data. As an example, we include CAD, NC data, assembly instructions, inspection, measurement protocols, a proof of functional test.

The product „goes“ through the entire process of implementation and always has the current data available according to which production takes place. This principle makes it possible to produce highly personalized products at a low price.

All product documentation is in electronic form and is available anywhere and is fully changed (valid status, history, content changes).

TPV (Technical preparation of the production) is closely linked to document management

Bill Of Materials items, operations


Enclosed documentation


Item history


Line-side documentation display example




Issue for the order/Evidence of Time card

Realized issues in any way will be automatically displayed as standard in the Warehouse – Issue slips.


Issue of expedition – example

Taking the barcode of the dispensing batch on the expedition or picking from the list of prepared batches we prepare the expedition of orders by individual recipients.


Evidence of Time card – Stack of work


Production – an example of setting the Records of the production


Using of working time



Signatures will be stored with the relevant document and will be printed at any time.