Analytical product Sprinter

Analytical product Sprinter

SPRINTER allows you to analyse online data from your processes and dramatically improve productivity.

Examples of savings:

  • 30% reduction in delivery time,
  • 100% control of inventory,
  • a substantial increase in the use of workers.

„What is really important is usually not seen at first glance; it remains hidden.“ Sometimes this approach is called the „Iceberg theory“. To look „beneath the surface“ and uncovered a range of problems, we need information about the „real“ behaviour of the processes. Results of analyses of specific cases are surprising!

That which threatens out timing it is usually very simple. There is a lack of materials for production, for example. Do we really have these activities under control? Why not order and deliver materials on time, who and what is holding-up the whole process?

Looking at the constantly active staff, we certainly do not realize that their actual use is of low value (they still do something!). With a real use of 62% (for organizational tasks, orders), it is clear that for the salary paid the organization will get a much lower value than it could!

In the realization processes, it is always important to find the right process (priorities) so that activities in production processes proceed without unnecessary waiting and collisions. Do we have enough information who and what actually delays the realization?

Are we able to synchronize activities before and after the operation so that we can meet the expedition deadline?

For these and many other questions we have prepared a series of online tools and views that quickly provide data to significantly improve productivity in your organization.

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